Virtual Assistant@EekEek

Free up time and valuable resources. Hire a Virtual Assistant!

If you find yourself wishing there was a magical fairy who would swoop in to handle the tedious tasks and projects so you can free up some much needed time and valuable resources, look no further! By utilizing our Virtual Assistant services, you’ll have those extra hours to take on your bigger projects. You’ll also be able to utilize the resources of your employees better since they will no longer be bogged down with ‘busy’ – but necessary – work that needs to be completed. Take a look at the Virtual Assistant services currently offered.

If there is something you need completed that isn’t listed, contact us and discuss it with us! If, and that is a very big IF, there is something we do not or cannot handle, we’re more than happy to refer you to another skilled professional in our network.

Office Tasks

  • Data Entry
  • General typing
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Human Resources Management
  • Chase outstanding invoices
  • Professional Copy-writing
  • Create Excel spreadsheets
  • Create power point presentations
  • Create/Edit/Format templates and guides
  • Writing/Editing/Formating reports and presentations

Notary Services

Travel fees are applicable in addition to the fee(s) of the services required. Travel fees range from $15.00 – $75.00 depending on distance.

Copy and Certification $5.00 + $1.00 per page
Apostiles $5.00
Uncertified Copies $1.00 per page
Oaths and Affirmations $7.50
Jurat $7.50
Acknowledgement $5.00

Web / E-mail / Social Media

  • Create/update/maintain databases and CRMs
  • Set up and manage Webinars and Podcasts
  • Social Media set up/design/training/maintenance/scheduling
  • Forum set up/Customization/Monitoring/Maintenance
  • Calendar Management – Schedule meetings, sync with devices, add upcoming events
  • Newsletter set up/Auto-responders/Editing/Maintenance/Scheduling
  • Illustrator/Photoshop – Design/Format infographics, logos, banners, and more

Web Design & Print Services

  • Create/design/maintain domain and website
  • Create/design/implement custom graphics
  • Create/design custom print material
    • Business/Networking Cards
    • Brochures and Pamphlets
    • Financial Prospectus
    • and more!

Travel and Events

  • Event Planning & Coordination:
    • Venue location and confirmation
    • Collating attendees and documentation
    • On-site support
  • Research/Make travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Lifestyle Management:
    • Gift buying/wrapping
    • Card addressing and mailing
    • Dining reservations and events, bill paying