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View after Iowa Derecho from my deck in Cedar Rapids, IA
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First-hand video during Iowa Derecho August 10, 2020

Experience 140 mph Straight-line Winds Live August 10th, 2020 is a day when Iowa made history – again. Only this time the history in the making was an incredibly rare Derecho that: destroyed more than half of the state’s tree canopy caused millions in damages destroyed more than one-half of the state’s corn and soybean crop left millions without power for as long as approximately 25-ish days That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the devastation caused by what amounts to being basically a hurricane that happens over land.  I shot video as the storm was ravaging Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I was home alone, working. My husband was at work. Without power and no battery-operated radio, I had no idea what was happening and yes, I was freaking out.