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Dresser - Bottom Piece
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Old is New Again – Phase 1

A 30-Year Journey It may sound weird, but the last time I had an actual dresser to put my things in was more than thirty years ago. Why? Because I haven’t been able to find exactly what I envisioned how I wanted my furniture to look. Nothing seemed to fit my sense of style. On the extremely rare occasion when I did find something that was relatively close to what I was looking for, it was more than I wanted to spend on it. The other caveat is the fact that the quality of products in general has drastically gone down over the years while the prices have gone up. Something I Can Work With After searching for so long, I have finally found something I can work with and make it my own. I bought this old dresser from a couple who was moving for $60. Yes, it has a lot of scratches in it, a few deep gouges; but those can easily be sanded away and filled if necessary. I knew right away that I’d be sanding away the dark stain. Once upon a time the deep cherry finish was beautiful, but it’s not what I want. This…