All employment agencies are the same – right?


Any time I have found myself out of work, I’ve turned to the temp agencies. They’re a valuable resource for helping you find work, even on a temporary basis, while looking for a permanent position. Before earning my degree, my skills led me to work with Office Team®. After all, this is a great agency for landing office and administrative jobs.

Mindy Eekhoff - Robert Half Logo Office Team®, a Robert Half company, specializes in placing individuals in temporary or temporary-to-permanent roles focusing on administrative, secretarial, data entry, etc., positions.

The recruiters are good at placing you in positions you will do well, with companies that you’re a good fit for, and are available to answer your questions. Once you have been working as a temp through Office Team for a specified amount of time, insurance and other benefits become available.

My experiences with Office Team® have generally been good and I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and colleagues. Sometimes they send lunch or breakfast to the location you are working at, too.

One area in which they could improve is when it comes to communicating with the people they place. I don’t think any of the recruiter’s I have worked with through Office Team® has ever contacted me during a contract to ask how things are going.

Mindy Eekhoff - TekSystems Logo A recruiter from TekSystems® reached out to me quite some time ago for a position he felt I was a good fit for. Things didn’t work out, but the recruiter would reach out to connect with me every couple of months to see how things were going, where I was at in my job search, etc., which I really appreciated.

Back in October, he reached out again with another position that he wanted to run by me to see if I’d be interested. I had worked a job that was similar to this one in the past. He set up the interview.

The day of my interview, there was a representative of TekSystems® on-site to meet me in the lobby. He escorted me to the office, made the introductions, then contacted me about an hour after to see how I felt things went. I got the job! On my first day, he met me downstairs again, escorted me to the office, and this time he had breakfast with him!

My TekSystems® recruiter, Logan Hein, remained in close contact with me throughout the entirety of my contract. He sent me a text on my first day wishing me luck and to have a nice day. He reached out again a few days later to see how it was going, was there anything he could do for me, did I have everything I needed, etc. Three weeks into the contract, he took me out to lunch – my choice – where we talked more about what I was doing, my thoughts and opinions on the job, etc., and we’ll be meeting once every 3-4 weeks for lunch throughout the contract.

As a temp, I appreciate the service and support TekSystems® has given me. My hope is to continue working with Logan and TekSystems® until I am able to find a permanent full-time position. If your talents fall in line with the types of positions TekSystems® fills, I would strongly recommend reaching out to them the next time you find yourself in need of employment.

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