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First impressions should make a positive impact for all parties involved and your website plays a huge role in how people perceive you and your business. Don’t let a poorly designed website ruin things before they can get started!

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Whether you find yourself in need of business cards, announcements, print materials or custom graphics, you need an artist who can bring what you envision to life. Contact us today to discuss your graphic and print design needs.

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Parents aren’t the only people who find themselves wishing for an extra set of hands to help them get through the day. Our Virtual Assistant services will help save your business day – as well as your sanity!

Mindy Eekhoff - All temp agencies are the same - right?

All employment agencies are the same – right?

Any time I have found myself out of work, I’ve turned to the temp agencies. They’re a valuable resource for helping you find work, even on a temporary basis, while looking for a permanent position. Before earning my degree, my skills led me to work with Office Team®. After all, this is a great agency…

Big bad wolf preying on the little red riding hoods of employment

Never settle for less than you are worth

Network Connections I was contacted by a former colleague searching for a candidate to fill an HR Administrator position immediately. We had both been laid off from the employer who is now in need of filling said position. While my colleague returned to “Company ABC”, I had no desire to. When she asked if I…

Mindy Eekhoff - Job Search tips

The Dreaded Job Search: Tips to help you through it

Laid off? Fired? First-time job seeker? You’re not alone. According to the National Employment Monthly Update, as of the end of April 2018, 3.9%* of the U.S. population is currently out of work. If you’re like me, you dread the process of having to find a new job with a new company. It’s nerve-wracking, stressful,…